Arc-Flash Awareness

Class Description: This program will cover the definition of an Arc Flash, the dangers that come with Arc Flash, what this company is doing to protect employees, and what is expected of employees. It outlines how employees can keep themselves safe by understanding the hazards of Arc Flash and staying a safe distance away from energized equipment. This also helps the company comply with MSHA and OSHA regulations. The training covers the thermal impacts of Arc Flash temperatures, the damage done by first, second, and third degree burns, and the safety boundaries to obey around energized equipment. The program also describes the appropriate safety gear for various Hazard Risk Categories and how to read and understand an Arc Flash label.

Speaker: Tim Fowler
Bio: Tim Fowler is the founder and owner of Utility Savings Plus, a consulting firm that helps Commercial and Industrial utility customers in significantly reducing their utility costs by unit cost reduction. In his previous life, Tim worked over 18 years for a major utility company, starting at the bottom as a storekeeper before working up to Journeyman Lineman, then Construction Supervisor, and finally to District Manager. Tim’s last job with the large utility was not only to work in their Marketing Department, but to be a part of the team that started their first marketing department. Tim has a college degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration as well as much more less formal education. At one point, tim was contracting out to provide OSHA inspections and he has a General Contractor’s license, primarily for his rental property. Among the many training certificates that he has, Tim’s favorite is the Top Chef certificate – one that his wife most likely enjoys more than he does.