Catalytic Combustion 101

Class Description: The Catalyst 101 presentation has been developed to provide users of catalyst with information that improve their understanding of catalysts, the variables that control their operation and the situations that can compromise their performance.  After the session the attendee will be able to:


  • Explain what pollutants are produced by engines.
  • Describe the key components of a catalyst element.
  • Understand the role of precious metals on the performance of the catalyst.
  • Understand the effect of temperature on the catalysts performance.
  • Understand what space velocity is and how it effects the performance of the catalyst.
  • Understand how the raw emissions and exhaust flow rate effect the sizing of a catalyst for an engine.
  • Understand the role an AFR plays in the performance of a 3-way catalyst.
  • Explain how ash buildup affects the catalyst.
  • Explain how ignition failures can result in a melted catalyst
  • Explain what causes catalyst poisoning.
  • Discuss the effects\efficiency of washing a catalyst vs. a new catalyst.

Speaker: Scot Young
Bio: Mr. Young has worked in all types mechanical fields beginning at age 15 where he worked in local repair shops. By the mid 90’s Scot broke out on his own running welding, field service trucks, and a shop based out of Grandview Texas.  They repaired all types of on and off road equipment, heavy equipment and of course automotive. Upon entering into the oil and gas field Scot began with mid-con in 2005, quickly moving thru the ranks and made emission supervisor in 2012. There at mid-con Scot attended every training class and seminar he possible could.

Now Scot has found his next challenge at Catalytic combustion where he is the account manager for Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.  Traveling the area helping tune and diagnose trouble units is what he most enjoys.