Filtration Basics for Energy Production

Class Description: In this course, students will be learning about pipeline natural gas contamination, filtration principles, filtration application in Compression Stations, Gas filtration in power generation, insulation oil filtration in power generation, and air intake filtration in power generation.

Speaker: Silas Kirst
Bio: Silas Kirst has obtained a Mechanical Engineering Degree from UNISINOS in Brazil. He has worked as a Special Products Technical Supervisor for the largest generating sets fabricator in Brazil. Kirst joined PECOFacet in 2010 as an Application Engineer before being transferred to the headquarters to occupy the Global Market Manager position and general manager of the Brazil office. He also has more than ten years of experience with filters and Oil and Gas.

Speaker: John Leonard
Bio: John Leonard graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Chemistry. He began working in the filtration business in 1977. He has specialized in the removal of contaminants from liquid hydrocarbons since 1998.