Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP)

Class Description: Students will study the basic operating principles of Caterpillar gaseous fueled engines. Emphasis is on fuel, horsepower calculations, maintenance, fuel system, intake and exhaust system, and the timing and ignition system. In addition, the students will learn some of the media resources that are available from Service Information System. Various Caterpillar engines will be discussed.

Speaker: Pete Brown
Bio: Pete Brown is currently a faculty member of OSUIT, School of Energy Technologies, Natural Gas Compression Program. Pete has been qualified by Caterpillar as a Natural Gas Engine Instructor. He was formerly a Training Specialist with Warren Cat of Oklahoma City and has delivered Caterpillar training throughout the world. Pete has over 30 years of industry experience in engine and engine electronics. He is currently working on his doctorate degree in Education and is expected to graduate in May of 2018. Pete teaches basic engines, advanced engines, air fuel systems, engine electrical, and Capstone II.