H2S Refresher

Class Description: PEC H₂S Clear is a 4-hour course that prepares general industry workers by providing crucial knowledge of the dangers of H₂S and the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in H₂S environments. This course covers the classroom requirements of the newly revised ANSI Z390.1. Because H₂S Clear is a PEC Safety training course, all students records are validated and entered into PEC Safety’s training database. All students are issued a physical and digital PEC ID card which includes the student’s name, picture, company name, etc. Your digital PEC ID card is accessible through the PEC Mobile App, downloadable via the Apple or Google Play app stores on your smart phone. In addition, PEC Safety has a completely free tool called the PECCard.com that allows employees, employers, customers and non-customers to view and verify employee completion of PEC H₂S Clear.  $35 additional cost for book and card.  Must pre-register by April 7th.

Speaker: Sheryl Diller
Bio: Sherry entered the safety training field by accident when she was tasked with catching her boss up to par when she was an office manager at a grain elevator. She later became an administrative assistant to a safety director in the hog production industry. As the director’s job expanded, he trained Sherry to present the safety orientation to new employees. She was then approached to work for an Oklahoma tech school in 1997. She has been training employees in safety since then. In 1997, she also became a certified instructor in First Aid, CPR, and forklift training. In 2002, she began doing the annual safety training for oil and gas companies and their contract companies under the Energy Training Council. She has been a certified OSHA Outreach instructor in construction and general industry. Sherry is currently contracted with SCCC to do instruct several kinds of general safety classes. She enjoys instructing clients so much that she refers to them as a part of her “Safety Family”. Just as a parent wants their children to be safe, Sherry tries to keep her Safety Family safe through instruction.