Internal Corrosion & Do I Have It

Class Description: This class is an introduction to internal corrosion and what to look for.

Speaker: Jim Kirkland
Bio: Jim Kirkland graduated with Seward County Community College’s first class in the Corrosion Control Program. He received an Associate’s degree in the Applied Science of Corrosion Control and Mitigation. After graduation, Jim was employed by Access Midstream and then Williams as a Corrosion Control Specialist.  Jim currently lives in Enid, OK with his wife and 2 sons and works for DCP Midstream, mainly in Northwest and Central Oklahoma. However, he often assists colleagues all over the region of the Mid-Con and Permian basins. Jim has earned numerous NACE certifications dealing with Cathodic Protection of Metallic Structures, Externally Applied Coatings, as well as the Mitigation of Internal Corrosion of Pipelines.

Speaker: Tommy Duncan
Bio: Tommy Duncan has been involved in the oil and gas pipeline industry since 1978, in both the Gas Capital Section in Liberal and the Kansas Section in Great Bend, and also with the Corrosion School at Seward County Community College in the past. He has been a NACE member since 1978. Tommy has had the opportunity to work with Bob Speck at his Rectifier School for many years and considers it a privilege. He has certification for both internal corrosion and external corrosion through NACE. In addition, Tommy has had the opportunity to work with Measurements School and the Energy Institute for a number of years.