Rectifiers and Groundbeds

Class Description:
Rectifier and ground beds and their importance to the condition of your piping facilities.

Speaker: Tommy Duncan
Bio: Tommy Duncan has been involved in the oil and gas pipeline industry since 1978, in both the Gas Capital Section in Liberal and the Kansas Section in Great Bend, and also with the Corrosion School at Seward County Community College in the past. He has been a NACE member since 1978. Tommy has had the opportunity to work with Bob Speck at his Rectifier School for many years and considers it a privilege. He has certification for both internal corrosion and external corrosion through NACE. In addition, Tommy has had the opportunity to work with Measurements School and the Energy Institute for a number of years.

Speaker: Francis Forbes
Bio: Francis has over 41 years of experience in the natural gas industry. He has seven years in the I.E. department, 14 years as a mechanic on compressors and 20 years as a corrosion tech. Francis has worked in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. He worked for Panhandle Eastern for 20 years, over 21 years with Pioneer Natural Resources and started with Linn Energy January of 2015. He has also helped with the Rectifier School at Seward County Community College for the last 10 years.  He has helped teach “Rectifiers for Dummies” the last three years for SEI and GCI.  He is NACE certified for the last 12 years.

Speaker: Lonnie Broce
Bio: Lonnie has been with Fanshier Corrosion Services, Inc. for 26 years.  He is NACE certified.  The company does vertical and horizontal groundbed installations, troubleshoots corrosion problems and sells cathodic protection products since 1958.