Waukesha Lube Oil Specifications

Class Description: This training is being conducted to provide information on the Waukesha engine support network by WPI and Waukesha engine products by GE. This course will cover installation, fuel, cooling, controls and lubrication system maintenance practices. Information on conversions, modifications and upgrades will be covered and on the final day there will be a presentation on emissions control technology. 

Speaker: Patrick Clophus
Bio: Employed for the past 18 years by WPI, Patrick spent his first five years as Training Coordinator organizing and conducting classes for the WPI technician training program.  During these five years Patrick began conducting Waukesha and Generac Power Systems factory certified training courses.  In 2003 Patrick was promoted to Technical Support Representative.  During his time as technical support representative Patrick maintained the responsibility of coordinating the training program and conducting certified Waukesha training courses for WPI technicians, customers, and Power Partners.  Added responsibilities were supervising the manufacturer and specifying of emissions control products and conducting emissions controls products seminars and sales presentations.  Also as Technical Support Representative, Patrick provided his expertise to assist both the engine division and power generation division with technical issues. In 2010 Patrick was reassigned to Training Manager with the main responsibility to manage the new WPI training center and staff. Patrick attended numerous training courses held by various engine and equipment manufacturers and is a Waukesha Engine Division Gold Master Certified Technician.